So why did God show himself to Saul now? Saul was on the way to Damascus to further his efforts in killing Christians. So why does God confront Saul on the road to Damascus? Saul’s journey to Damascus deserves no praise. It neither seems that if Saul reached Damascus, he would destroy Christianity. In other words, Saul’s efforts to destroy Christianity would fail ultimately. This assumption is fair to make; Christianity was exploding. Christianity, before Saul’s conversion, spread exponentially. In fact, 3,000 people converted to Christianity in one day (Acts 2:41). Thus, it is unlikely Saul would have destroyed Christianity alone. But, as he probably knew, he could scare many people from Christianity. Still, Saul could not have been a threat to the omnipotence of God. God could have killed Saul and solved this problem in one strike. But why did God not do this? Why did God wait until Saul was on his way to Damascus? And why did God show himself to Saul instead of the high priest who gave Saul authority to capture and kill Christians in Damascus?