In an earlier post (Message Out of Fear), we discussed how we should fear God instead of people. We also discussed how we should not fear losing our earthly ambitions. This post explains more about why we should not have fear.

Christians do not fear earthly harm because such “harm” cannot hurt them. But someone might say that many things harm Christians. Such things like diseases, violence, accidents, and death affect Christians like non-Christians. These events occur for many people, but just because they are undesirable events does not mean they harm Christians. Christians’ safety depends not on what happens to them but who happened to them. This person is Jesus, and he gives Christians sight into a reality that unbelievers are blind to. This insight gives Christians peace.

Today, we have insurance. In theory, insurance plans assure people that regardless of unfortunate events to something or someone, they will not suffer too much. Insurance compensates people to pay for damages, allows people to replace lost or stolen possessions, or gives people money to help pay and cope with losing loved ones. Insurance plans help with earthly events but not with spiritual events. Insurance plans, for instance, cannot keep these events from harming me. Insurance primarily deals with the aftermath of undesirable events.

Christians, however, have different “insurance.” Jesus Christ keeps everything and everyone from harming Christians. When undesirable events happen, Christians can think, “Who is he that will harm us if we are followers of that which is good? If we suffer for righteousness’ sake, happy are we: We are not afraid of their terror, neither are we troubled” (1). This statement tells us that harm depends on what and who we follow. It also tells us we will suffer, but such suffering is not the worst harm.

The worst harm is hell, but Christians overcome hell (2). Hell is the reward of wicked people (3). Therefore, Christians should not fear earthly harm but God because they know that greater harm exists (4). When people have a correct view of harm, they do not fret over the same undesirable events that non-Christians fear.

(1) 1 Peter 3:13-14.
(2) Matthew 16:18.
(3) Psalm 91.
(4) Isaiah 8:12-13.