Ungodly counsel is our will to do evil. By will, I mean our determination to act according to our desires. Our desire is a primary part of the choices we make. After we desire, though, we should judge what is the right thing to do. However, such judgment is absent in the counsel of the ungodly. Ungodly counsel does not think about what’s right and follows an evil desire. 

Ungodly counsel is an internal word of evil advice, and Scripture calls it secret advice (1). Ungodly and godly counsel contrast. We sometimes see a cartoon character, for instance, consider advice on its shoulders from a devil and an angel. The angel gives wise and moral judgment, but the devil feeds off the character’s evil desires and passions. This scenario is not that different from reality. Reality presents us with similar choices between godly and ungodly counsel.

What does ungodly counsel look like? Ungodly counsel agrees with our evil passions. This primary evil passion is anger. Anger refers to a quick outburst of raw emotion. Such an outburst (boule) occurs without thinking or judgment (gnome). Outbursts of anger and punishment are definite signs of ungodly counsel. Sometimes, such outbursts lead to murder (2). We must remember that murder occurs physically and spiritually.

God blesses people who follow godly counsel. Godly counsel is the word of advice that gives us a sense of justice, morality, righteousness, long-suffering, and wisdom. The person who follows godly counsel always prospers (3). But such prosperity is not always external. The prosperity of the godly person is internal and eternal. The person who follows ungodly counsel, therefore, suffers an internal and eternal loss.

(1) Psalm 64:2-6.
(2) Genesis 49:5-7.
(3) Psalm 1:1-3.