What does truth sound like? If Jesus told the truth, does it matter if we believe Him? Every person should ask this question. Another question we should ask ourselves is this: “Does Jesus ask me to do anything wrong?” This question can make choosing Christianity easier. This question isolates us and gets rid of the distractions of tradition, conventional opinion, and skepticism. When we approach Christianity like this, we see its bare bones. We see its truth.

Jesus said, “I came into the world for this reason: that I should bear witness unto the truth. Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice” (1). This statement prompted Pilate to ask, “What is truth” (2)? Pilate, however, did not wait on Jesus’ answer. We, however, have the answer to Pilate’s question. Jesus says He is “the truth and the life” (3). This claim appears to be enormous, but what should we expect from God’s son? Should He not speak with “authority” (4)? Should we expect Him to say that He is not the only thing that matters?

Believing a Lie

Jesus’ claim (to be the Truth) causes some to question and reject what appears to be an outrageous claim. Some argue that such a claim is unbelievable. Some ask, for instance, why should we believe Him or what about others who claim to be the Truth? Such skepticism is unbelief in disguise. This unbelief, though, gives us no excuse to not believe that Jesus is telling the Truth. For example, if it is raining, and someone tells us it is raining, but we do not believe that person, our unbelief does not make that person’s claim untrue. We would “believe a lie” (5). Believing a lie is nothing more than not believing the truth (6). Such unbelief is because of something worse.

Loving the Darkness

People who disbelieve that Jesus is the Truth do so because they love evil. Evil is not what Jesus calls us to do. He calls us to do good deeds. Thus, anyone who rejects Jesus rejects not some crazy man who tells people to do horrendous acts but a man who calls people to be righteous. One must ask this serious question: “What does Jesus say I should do that is not right?” Such a question should reveal that Jesus wants us to be righteous people who live in His light (7). However, if people disbelieve Jesus Christ, the consequence and reason for such disbelief are these people “love darkness rather than light, and their deeds are evil” (8).

The Sound of Truth

Jesus’ voice is the sound of truth. He is what truth sounds like because He is the Truth. Therefore, Jesus’ statement to Pilate—“Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice”—bears witness unto himself and the Truth. If we are unwilling to believe this Truth, we reject it because we do not want to hear it. But the word “hear” means to take heed of Jesus’ message and meaning. For instance, someone might say, “You are hearing me, but are you listening?” This question shows that “hearing” relates to our senses and soul. Our senses hear with the ears, and our soul hears with the heart. If people reject Jesus, they reject Him from their hearts and because they do not want to do what Jesus says.

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