The personal revelation of Jesus Christ, instead of another person’s words, should determine our obedience to God. No one else’s word should change what God tells us.

Once, God told a prophet not to eat, drink, or return the same way he came. However, a lying prophet convinced this prophet to return to the lying prophet’s house and eat and drink. While they were eating, God spoke through the previously lying prophet and said, “Because you have disobeyed the mouth of the LORD, and have not kept the commandment which I commanded you but came back and ate and drank, you will not be buried in the graves of your ancestors. When the disobedient prophet left the lying prophet’s house, a lion killed him, and his body was left on the road. (1)

God’s Word does not come from “man…but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.” (2) No one else, not a preacher, minister, or angel should change what God has told us through Jesus Christ. (3)

What has God told us? We only have to look in the Bible to see! It is plain and simple. (4) Jesus is the son of God, is God, and is the only way to God. (5) The disobedient prophet followed another word like we can follow another gospel, another way, or another Jesus. Yet, there is no other Jesus, way, or gospel. We must confess that Jesus is Lord to be saved. (6) Plain and simple.

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