The voice of the Lord. A picture of mountains. This picture shows a landscape that can be shaken by the powerful voice of the Lord. Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash

A declaration about the power of the voice of the Lord.

Keep the Lord’s commandments. He will not fail you.
No one is ashamed who obeys the voice of the Lord.

The Lord shouts loud. The mountains shake in his presence.
His shofar gets louder and louder (Exodus 19:19).

The people hear it and tremble. What a sound!
His voice is like a musical instrument.

His voice thunders. His word shakes the bones.
Who can stand in his almighty presence (Psalm 5:5)?

The Lord is mighty. With a shout, he wins battles.
He defeats multitudes with a sound, a voice.

Praise the Lord. Everyone, praise his holy name.
Shout his name from everywhere.

May the Lord give peace. Let rest come to those who say his name.
Let Shiloh ring through the ears of his beloved (Genesis 49:10; Joshua 18:8).