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Follow God’s Word

People don’t follow God’s word because they don’t believe it, don’t understand it, or think it is a joke. Jesus tells us that Satan steals God’s word before it can take root (Mark 4:15). There are three main ways people can let Satan steal God’s word from their heart.

Believe God at His Word

The first way Satan can steal God’s word from our heart is by allowing him to get us to not believe it. As the prophet Isaiah says, “Who has believed our report” (Isaiah 53:1)? Nonetheless, believing God’s word is more than thinking in our minds that it is true. Believing in God’s word involves action. And this action is doing what God’s word commands. As the apostle Paul states, “But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Isaiah says, ‘Lord who has believed our report?’ ” (Romans 10:16-21). Thus, a way to believe God’s word is to do what God tells you to do. When Satan tricks us to not follow God’s commandments, he tricks us to not believe God’s words.

Recognizing God’s Word When You See It

The second way Satan can steal God’s word from our heart is making us not understand it. Like believing the word of God, understanding the word of God doesn’t only takeplace in the mind. That means it is more than logically understanding what is said. Here, understanding God’s word means to acknowledge what has been shown, said, or done to you and agreeing that it comes from God. We can look at the prophet Samuel to get a better grasp of this concept. When God spoke to Samuel at a young age, Samuel didn’t know it was God speaking to and calling him. He thought it was a human calling his name (1 Samuel 3:1-14). Scripture says this is when “the word of the Lord (wasn’t) yet revealed unto [Samuel]” (1 Samuel 3:7). So, understanding comes from recognizing how God shows up in our lives. The main way to acknowledge how God shows up in our lives is to acknowledge God’s true Word, Jesus Christ. This is the ultimate way we can understand God, by recognizing Jesus is the son of God.

God’s Word Ain’t a Joke

The last way Satan can steal God’s word from our hearts is by tricking us into thinking it is a joke. When the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were about to be destroyed by God, Lot told his sons-in-law the Lord was going to destroy where they lived. But his sons-in-law thought Lot’s words were a joke (Genesis 19:14). But again, thinking that God’s word is a joke is followed by action. For example, when Moses told the king of Egypt (Pharaoh) that hail was going to fall and kill every man and animal not under a roof (Exodus 9:18-19). However, Pharaoh thought it was a joke by not listening to what Moses said. Other people under Pharaoh listened to Moses (Exodus 9:20). But Pharaoh didn’t. 

Believing the True Word: Jesus

Why don’t you follow the word of God? Do you think you believe God’s word but don’t do what He says to do? Do you believe Jesus is real, but don’t believe he is really the son of God, the creator of the universe? Or do you think some or all of God’s word or the Bible is a joke? Do you think everything in the Bible can’t be true? Don’t let Satan trick you into not following God’s word. It is the plan of Satan for people not to follow God’s word. Why does he want people to disregard God’s word? Satan wants everyone to go to hell like him (Revelation 20:10). God doesn’t want you to have the same fate as Satan. He created you to be with him forever. Don’t believe the lie, that God’s word is a joke. But believe the Truth, that Jesus is the son of God, died for your sins, and was raised from the dead so you could live with Him forever.