Prophecy, May 13, 2020. A picture of a mountain. God speaks to all and saves those who want salvation. This picture is used because there are two references to mountains in this prophecy: Bashan and Salem. Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The Lord is great. Who can stand against him?
Has not his breath went out? Has it not consumed the wicked of the earth?
The Lord speaks daily, but none listen to his voice.
The Lord cries out to us, but none hear.

The Lord will take a branch and make it into a tree.
He will stretch out his hand and plant it in the mountains of Salem.

His voice goes out and devours wickedness like an evening meal.
Yes, the Lord’s wrath will be satisfied.
It will be made full. His fury will have a full belly.
None will escape his wrath to come.
It will fall like light falls on the ground.
It will scorch all who exist.

Praise be to God on high who lives in his holy mountain.
The Lord speaks, but none hear his voice.
None take heed to his sayings.
He speaks plain speech to all people.
Yet people pretend to not understand what he says.
They frown and squinch their face as with dark philosophy.
“What does He say? We cannot understand it,” they say.
But the Lord speaks plainly.
He is not the Lord of confusion.
His voice speaks to those who want to hear him, to those who want to hear the mighty voice on high.

The Lord takes a staff.
Even this staff will bud as Aaron’s staff on high.
It will bloom flowers in its day and come to all nations.
The Lord is gracious and his mercy tremendous.
Who cannot appreciate such mercy?
Who cannot take such mercy and graciousness?

The Lord is hot with anger. His nostrils smoke.
The Lord’s mercy is not forever. Yes, he will visit the evildoers soon.
But take comfort Oh land of Israel! He will visit you too.
He will deliver you from the hand of the enemy.
He will take you up in his wings and fly you away to a place of safety.
He will shed you abroad, and you will take flight as well.
Your day will be as strong as an ox in her light.
Your day will be as long as a day that never ends.
The end is near that your salvation has come, Oh Israel!
Look over the hills! See the light on its way.
See the sun rising over the horizon, over the promised land of Bashan.

The Lord is mighty, and we need to praise him.
Speak his words and live. Speak his commandments and live.
For the day comes when none will say a word.
All will be mute for lack of hearing.
Silence will overcome the world as darkness in the night.
But speak his word now.
Speak it with confidence and say his name on high.
Speak with a loud voice. Speak his holy name.
The mighty will rise, but the Lord almighty will throw them down.
And none will be able to deny that the Lord is God.