In The Compass from God, I talked about how God gives us a new compass. This act is an act of grace similar to how God showed grace to the apostle Paul (1). When God is gracious to us, we have the most important decision: Do I accept Jesus Christ or not?

The decision to accept Jesus Christ has a gigantic presupposition; that I now have knowledge of God’s love and revelation shown through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. When we have the option to accept Jesus Christ, we know that Jesus Christ claimed to be the Son of God who died for the forgiveness of our sins and now lives. This truth or the Gospel is the knowledge we apply to have faith in Jesus. This decision is not in ignorance (2). Ignorance and unbelief, as in the example of Paul, are excuses because “the times of this ignorance God winked at. But now God commands all men to repent” (3). Paul decided to have faith in Jesus when Jesus revealed Himself. This revelation was an act of grace and is more available now than in the apostle Paul’s time.

Today, the knowledge of Jesus Christ is more available than before because technology spreads the gospel worldwide. Christian television networks, movies, music, radio shows, and websites can advance the good news of Jesus Christ. This dissemination of the gospel makes our world less ignorant but less tolerable. Jesus reminds us that “it will be more tolerable” in the last judgment for those who are ignorant of Jesus than for us today (4). We cannot excuse ourselves from knowing about Jesus, especially after reading this post.

God’s mercy shines “on the evil and the good,” and his grace rains “on the just and the unjust” (5). Because of this equal nutriment, we have the choice to either produce “herbs” or “thorns and briers” (6). Those who produce herbs receive eternal life from God. In contrast, those who produce thorns receive eternal damnation. We are all like plants in the same field: We receive the same amount of water, sun, and oxygen. The time is gone when “plants” could say, “I did not receive any light” because now “the Light shines in the darkness” (7). Jesus is “the true Light, which lights every human that comes into the world” (8). Now, only our will can stop our growth.

(1) Paul persecuted the Christians but converted to Christianity after Jesus revealed himself, Acts 9.
(2) By ignorance, I mean the lack of knowledge of Jesus Christ’s existence.
(3) Acts 17:30.
(4) Luke 10:12.
(5) Matthew 5:45.
(6) Hebrews 6:7, 8.
(7) John 1:5.
(8) John 1:9.