Lord, you* are greater than all things. Did you not create all things? Is not everything made by you (John 1:3)? The water, air, earth, animals, plants, people, and universe are your creation. What is not subject to you, Lord? The rocks on the ground are even subject to your rule. In fact, if you allowed them to, they would praise your name (Luke 19:40). What would these rocks say other than what is true? Would they say, “Please save us now in the highest degree! Save us eternally!” And it is for this reason you came to the world. You came to save us by meeting your hour of gruesome death (John 12:27). But this death could not keep you in the tomb.

No, God’s spirit raised you up, and today you live. So it is this same raising-spirit that lives in us today, if we accept you as our Lord and Savior (Romans 8:11). If we confess you are master over our lives and believe God raised you from the dead, you give us eternal life (Romans 10:9). What kind of gift is this? A gift from the creator to the created? What have we done to receive your gift? What are we other than your creation? Who are we that you listen to us (Psalm 8:4)? You are loving because you listen to us. We are unfathomably your prized possession (James 1:18). You give us the gift of grace (Ephesians 2:8). Thus, you are truly gracious!

* You refers to Jesus Christ and God.