Den of Lions

Daniel loved God, prayed to God three times a day, and God blessed him. King Darius wanted to make Daniel the head of his whole kingdom (Daniel 6:3). But some jealous princes conspired to kill Daniel (6:4-5). They tricked King Darius into making a law that made prayer to anyone except the king within 30 days punishable by death to kill Daniel (6:7-9).

The law said if anybody prayed to another besides the king, that person would be thrown in the den of lions (6:7). Daniel knew of this law and its consequences, but he kept praying three times a day like he usually did (6:10). Because of his resolve to pray, he was arrested and thrown into the den of lions (6:11-17). Yet he did nothing wrong.

Jesus & the Den of Lions

Daniel points to Jesus’ love for not only God but you. Jesus knew people were out to kill him for proclaiming how everyone can have eternal life (John 7:1, 8:37, 40). And the only “wrong” things Jesus did was to tell people how they should love each other, love God for real, and not be phony. He did not stop doing what God wanted, even if he had to die for it. He kept on praying, preaching the kingdom of God, and healing the sick and diseased. Jesus knew his haters would catch up to him and kill him. But he didn’t stop.

How Much Jesus Loves You

So why would Jesus do this? Because he loves you. To Jesus, dying was a small price to pay for your soul. Jesus believed death was well worth the opportunity for him to have a personal relationship with you. He knew the price of your life was his death. But if that meant that you could one day live with him forever, he was more than willing to die unjustly.

Wouldn’t you like to be in a relationship with someone willing to die for you? Wouldn’t you want to know a person who was willing to die unjustly because he loves you so much? Don’t you want to know the man, even Jesus the Christ, who sacrificed his life for your life?


Jesus, who are you, who loves me so much, even me a sinner? Who are you to love me in my filth and die for me? Who am I to merit your death? What is my life compared to yours? Lord, you are more than any friend on earth. You died for me and my sins so I could live with you. Thank you Lord. You did nothing wrong, yet died for my wrongs. You knew people were out to kill you. You knew the outcome of your love for God and me was death. But you thought it was worth your life. Thank you, Jesus, for loving me. Thank you for not fearing death, “the den of lions.” Thank you Heavenly Father for raising Jesus out of the den of lions, from the dead.