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Follow God Instead of Emotions

Don’t let your fears or other emotions stop you from doing what God tells you to do. There might be many times when you have a task in front of you. And you know God can help you succeed in that task. But sometimes our emotions of fear, pride, or laziness creep into our hearts. When such emotions emerge, they sometimes compel us to make excuses to not do what God calls us to do. God can tell us to pray for an enemy. He could tell us to give to someone or to sacrifice for someone. Regardless of the task, we should be sure to follow through with what God tells us to do.

This is what Caleb did. When most people feared to do what God asked, Caleb stayed fearless. When people refused to fight to possess the land like God told them to do, Caleb was still willing to fight (Numbers 13:28-30). Caleb did not let the fact that giants were in the land stop him from wanting to do what God told him to do. In fact, Caleb cared less about the strength of giants than God’s strength. For he knew God said He “gave Israel the land” (Numbers 13:2). So all that was left to do was to fight and possess it. This means when God gives us something or says that he will give us something, we may have to fight for it. But we have guaranteed success.

We don’t have to worry about the result. We shouldn’t worry about the things that can cause fear. The scary things that emerge when we follow God cannot come in between us and God’s gift to us.

Because of Caleb’s courage and obedience to God, God blessed Caleb. And God blesses us similarly. God did not bless only Caleb, but also his children. Likewise, when God blesses us, our family and loved ones benefit from our blessings. God blessed Caleb with supernatural health. For instance, after Caleb lived 40 years in the wilderness, Caleb was 85 years old. But Caleb said he was as strong at 85 years old as he was at 45 years old (Joshua 14:9-11). Does this mean all people who follow God will get supernatural health? No. But this doesn’t mean God cannot significantly bless people with physical and spiritual health when they follow Him. When people follow God’s commandments, despite fears and other emotions, God blesses those people tremendously.

Desire Over Sacrifice

Now, it is interesting how Jesus’ desire for mercy resembles another place in Scripture. This passage is in the book of Samuel. In Samuel, the prophet Samuel tells King Saul that “To obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen than the fat of rams” (1 Samuel 15:22). Samuel stresses that God wants obedience more than burnt offerings. Samuel says this to King Saul because Saul disobeyed God. God told Saul to kill every Amakelite and all their animals (1 Samuel 15:1-7). But Saul kept their king alive and saved the best of their animals. Yet when Samuel met Saul about this rebellion, Saul claimed the animals were for a sacrifice to God. 

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