A watch for home. A picture of the sea. We are like people on the seashore seeking home in a distant place. Photo by Anukrati Omar on Unsplash

The Lord is mighty and greatly to be praised.
His light shines on all nations.
Let the nations declare his goodness.
His goodness goes out to all who seek home; his mercy, to all who love.

Take his hand and make a home.
Take his love and create a place. Selah.

The days are short and cold.
The moon has lost her light, and the day is gone.
The night moves over the land like a disease.
The night is now light.
Keep your children inside.
Stay inside the home.
For all who venture outside are killed by the pestilence.
The darkness invades the home.
Yes, the darkness invades the home still.

People will wonder at the might of God.
How wondrous are his works?
The day will fly by.
Yes. the day will go by in a second.
The world will pass away like the wind.
Here today and gone tomorrow.

Keep watch, Oh, Zebulun
Yes, keep watch over the house of Israel and speak.
Admonish the house for its iniquities.
Admonish it for its deeds of wickedness.

Blood will speak to God in Heaven.
Blood gushes out and screams for justice.
But none hear its cry but the Lord.
All people turn in shame.

The Lord knows the thoughts of his servants.
He knows the signs of the times and his people.
They go on course through the byways of Hebron.
The valley of Bemosh is laid low.

Yes, keep watch over the flock.
Keep an eye on the saints on high.
They move by the Spirit.
They run with the fire of the Lord.
The fire rushes out like a mighty wind.
It scorches and flames everything in sight.
There is none to rescue anyone from it, though they tried God’s furnace.