Saul did not stop his threats to kill Christians. In fact, his desire to kill Christians led him to ask for permission to capture and kill Christians. This permission came from the high priest. At any rate, Saul knew the high priest would give him permission to kill Christians. So, Saul’s desire did not differ from the high priest. But why are we talking about Saul instead of the high priest? Well, the high priest was complicit in killing Christians. But Saul was extremely hateful. His hate drove him to take his search to the next level. This next level involved him not relying on his power to kill Christians, but a more powerful religious leader to spread his hate of Christians. So although the high priest had power, Saul was willing to do the dirty work of searching and travelling to kill Christians. Saul did not mind getting his hands dirty in this work. Saul’s hate was not only in his thoughts or words, but his actions. Thus, it is one thing to think of harming a person. It is another thing to take extreme steps to harm others. Still, the desire of Saul to kill Christians was the same as the high priest. Many religious leaders of this day had the same feelings as Saul.

Acts 9:1-2