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Knocked to the Ground

So why did God wait until Saul approached Damascus to confront him? Of course, Saul posed no threat to God. God could have easily killed Saul for murdering Christians. But God did not choose death to confront and maybe resolve Saul’s hate toward Christians. Instead, God used light. As a matter of fact, this light was two things.

Light Eternal

A light flashed around Saul when he approached Damascus. But what was this light like? It was an unordinary light. That is to say, it wasn’t like the sun that was probably already shining. In fact, it had to be brighter than the sun, moon, or any other light that shined. Furthermore, this light surrounded him. Unlike the sun, a lamp, the moon, or any other light we see normally, this light had no earthly reference point. It was like a light without end or beginning—an eternal light. This eternal light, Scripture says, is unapproachable and enough for all sight (1 Timothy 6:16; Revelation 21:23). By “all sight,” I mean physical and spiritual sight. But Scripture states that this light came from heaven. So is the light from the sky or a spiritual sky, such as eternal heaven? We must take this passage as literal, though it has figurative implications. For instance, a light can be eternal even though it “breaks” into the physical world. The most immediate example of this is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, being eternal and from heaven “broke the sky” to shine an eternal light to all humans. For instance, Scripture says, “The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world” (John 1:4). Here, we see a combination of how eternal light operates in the physical world. So there are figurative and literal meanings to Saul’s experience. With that said, these meanings point to a light that flashes like lightning and envelops Saul.

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