Prayer: Be With Me

Lord heavenly Father, God, you are always with me, even if I do not ‘feel’ you. You are always not about feeling but the filling of the Holy Spirit. You are inside of me and your Spirit calms me. Your light shines within me and warms my soul. My anxieties go away at the thought of you. You are all that matters. I will go away and be able to take nothing, only you. For you are my beginning and end. You are my Savior, Lord, Jesus. You provide my needs and bless me with my wants. Lord, teach me to know your ways. Teach me to love you like I should. I am helpless. I feel inadequate to praise you or give you honor. Lord, you deserve all praise and honor! For you are the highest God. The only God. Hallelujah! Only you can lift me up in the last day. Only you can lift my spirit up. Lord, what a privilege it is to love you. Please instruct me of what I must do. Let me know my future so I do not make mistakes. Please let me be a right disciple for you. Let me die with you in your persecutions and suffering. Lord, you are the Spirit within me that asks for things I would not. You are my reason. Lord, you are truth and let your reign be forever. Amen.

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