Blessing of Increased Fruit

Scriptural Reference Isaiah 44:3-4

God promises to pour out His Heavenly Spirit on all those that ask (Joel 2:28-29) Proverbs 1:23) says that if we change after being chastised, God will pour out His Spirit uto us and make His words known to us. God promises that He will pour His spirit on our seed (offspring or fruit) (Isaiah 44:3-4). In this section, God says offspring and seed so I believe they are not the same thing. I believe this verse, when referring to seed, is referring to spiritual fruit. I don’t think there is just mere repetition here and I don’t think it is talking about physical fruit either. How many of us are actual fruit growing farmers?

The spiritual fruit that is being referenced here is in (Galatians 5:22-23); Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance. God promises that these fruits will sprang up above the grass as tall as willows by the rivers (Isaiah 44:4). Jesus (God) promises again to give us the Holy Spirit so we can follow his statues (laws and commandments) (Ezekiel 36:26-27). God also says that there will be no more famine upon us and that He will multiply the fruit of our tree (Ezekiel 36:29-30). This can be a promise for physical blessing, however, I think the focus is also, and more importantly, on a spiritual blessing of increased spiritual fruit towards righteousness.

As earlier when Jesus was talking about eating His flesh and blood, He was not talking literally, but figuratively. So I think we should apply that same figurative thinking here and not be literal. The focus of God’s Kingdom and God’s Kingdom itself is spiritual, which is in fact way more real than the physical realm.

Ask For The Holy Spirit

Scriptural Reference: Luke 11

Jesus gives a parable of two friends. He describes one man (I will call this person Adam) comes to the other friend’s (I will call this person Joshua) house at midnight. Adam asks his friend Joshua if he can borrow 3 loaves of bread. Adam tells Joshua that he has a guest that has visited his house and doesn’t have anything (any food) to give him. Jesus says that, “Joshua” won’t get up at midnight to give him anything because it is late at night, neither because his family is all asleep, neither because Adam is his friend. However, Joshua will get up because of Adam’s shameless persistence, and give Adam as much as is needed. It is interesting that Jesus follows this parable by telling us to knock and it shall be opened, ask and it will be given to us, seek and we will find (Luke 11:5-8,10).

The person that Jesus is saying that this knocking, seeking, asking is for is the Holy Spirit. We are to ask for the Holy Spirit. Jesus says that God will give the Holy Spirit to those that ask of Him with shameless persistence (Luke 11:13). Jesus said if a son asks for bread from a father, will the father give him a stone? If a son asks for a fish, will the father give him a serpent? If the son asks for an egg, will the father give the son a scorpion. (Luke 11:11-12) Just as a carnal and evil father knows how to give good gifts, Jesus states how much more do we think that our Father in Heaven is able to give good gifs (Luke 11:13)? By context of this parable and question, Jesus is indirectly saying that the Holy Spirit is the good gift.

Eating Jesus

Scriptural Reference: John 6:48-71 (KJV)

In (John 6:48-71) Jesus describes himself as bread and He says this bread is His flesh. He also states in this section that those that eat this bread (his flesh) will live forever. In (John 6:53-58), He declared what seemed like a bold statement to His disciples. He said that, “Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you are dead (John 6:53). Whoever will eat my flesh and drink my blood will live forever and I will raise them in the last day (John 6:54).” This may have seemed like a bold statement, which it did for some of His (Jesus) disciples, because they said “This is hard to understand. Who can accept this teaching (John 6:60)?” Some disciples even left from following Jesus after this saying. Jesus asked His disciples, “Does this teaching sound so absurd (are you offended)? It is the spirit that makes one live. The body profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit and life (John 6:61-63).

It is possible that some of the disciples could not acknowledge and discern the spiritual things over the physical things. To eat someone’s flesh and blood may sound crazy to a carnal-minded person, but if we are willing to think spiritually, we can recognize and discern that the flesh stands for the body; physical sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross and the blood (atonement) represents the salvation; the forgiveness of our sins, that we can have through acknowledging Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We must acknowledge Jesus with our lips and believe that God did raise Him (Jesus) from the dead in order to be saved (Romans 10:9). When we accept and acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and Savior, which is eating His (Jesus’) flesh and drinking His blood we will live forever. This meat or food is to do God’s will. Jesus also explains that doing the “work of God” is to believe on Him (Jesus) who God has sent (John 6:29). God’s will for everyone is that all would entrust their life to Jesus; that they would commit their life to Jesus.

Jesus Is Our Food

Scriptural Reference: John 4:34 KJV

Jesus calls “meat or food” the act of himself doing God’s will (John 4:34). In (Job 23:12), Job says that God’s words and commandments from God’s mouth is more than enough food for him. This is such a true and wonderful saying. Jesus said that we (all mankind) should not live by physical food alone (by itself), but should survive and live from every word of God (Luke 4:4). Every word does not leave out anything. Jesus is what we need to eat.

Jesus is our bread (manna) form Heaven. Jesus is the bread of life (John 6:48). Jesus is very descriptive in describing how He is the bread that we can live eternally by (John 6:47-58). Jesus says he is the “real” bread from heaven and is the spiritual manifestation of what happened in the past (Exodus 16:1-36) From Exodus, we can see many things that are symbols for Jesus Christ. Jesus is the bread that God sent from Heaven (Exodus 16:4,15). We are supposed to eat (acknowledge or accept) Jesus Christ today and do all of what Jesus (God) tells us to do (Exodus 16:4). The areas in our lives that we choose not to do what Jesus (God) tellls us to do will be rotten areas of our life (Exodus 16:20). During the last days (rest and the Sabbath for those that follow Christ) grace will end and sadly for those that do not follow God’s (Jesus’) commandments will be left without food because they did not gather or have food to eat (Exodus 16:22-30)

Harvest Time

Scriptural Reference: Luke 10:1-2 KJV

Jesus sent not only the 12 disciples out (to heal, cast out devils, and preach the Kingdom of God), but also sent 70 more disciples to do the same thing that he commanded the 12 disciples to do (Luke 10:1-2). Jesus said that the harvest is great, but the laborers are few. He (Jesus) tells the disciples that they should pray that God send forth laborers into his harvest. Jesus tells the disciples to pray that God sends laborers. This is not God just “sending” laborers, but it is God calling individuals to preach the Gospel and go. These individuals will be sent by God. In (John 4:34-38) Jesus talks about when this harvest is.

Jesus says that the harvest is now. We shouldn’t wait for the right time to “do the will of our Father,” because the right time is now (John 4:35). God promises to bless those that labor to bring others to God and righteousness. God says that those that work to bring people to Christ will shine as the stars forever and ever (Daniel 12:3). This is a wonderful prize for those willing to labor for the Lord. This is the promise of God to those laborers in the last day. What are these laborers supposed to do for God? It is simple. They are supposed to do what God commands them to do, which Jesus, himself calls “meat or food (John 4:34).”

We Have Been Saved!

We really have been saved by God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. In the beginning, man was perfect, but Adam sinned and by one man we all became sinners or also known as born sinners (Romans 5:12). If all people died at that time, before Jesus’ great work, they would have been punished to eternal death for their sin because nobody would have been holy enough to live with God. Thank God that he makes us holy through Jesus. Try not to think of it as “I know we were born into sin, but I’m not that bad of a person.” It doesn’t matter how “good” of a person you think you are. We are not able to live eternally with God by our own efforts (Ephesians 2:8-10). We really needed the saving! If Jesus did not die for us and rise from the dead then in the end all people would spend their life in hell!

It was necessary for Jesus to die for our sins and rise from the dead to give us a pardon for our punishment. God has pardoned us by the blood of Jesus Christ (Micah 7:18). This was an act of pure grace and mercy because we are in no way deserved to be pardoned. The minute you are born you are destined to hell unless you have a change of heart (repent) and confess, believe, and accept Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9)! Jesus is coming back soon and we don’t have time to waste because the end is the final call. There are no do-overs. There is no second chance because Jesus is our second chance. All people that believe in him will be saved from punishment and eternal separation from God.

Warning of the Last Days

The last days of the world as we know it is coming soon. However, nobody knows the exact hour that the end will come except for God, our Heavenly Father (Matthew 24:36). The end is not announced. This is why it is very important to live a holy life now. How do you live holy? You don’t live holy by your own efforts, but you live holy by accepting and believing in your heart that Jesus Christ is the son of God and was raised by God (Romans 10:9). Those that accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord can be eager for the end when Jesus will return and gather us up with Him in the clouds (1 Thessalonians 4:17). Do not be fooled by other preachers, teachers, philosophers, so-called “thinkers”, telling you otherwise! They talk about things they do not know about or have experienced! They twist the scriptures to mean something other than what it was intended for for the wrong motives (money, fame, pride) and only want to destroy your soul! These workers of evil will have their day at the Judgement. They cannot look forward to the end because for them that day is as the prophet Amos stated,

When God comes, it will be bad news before it’s good news, the worst of times (for sinners), not the best times. Here is what it’s like: A man runs from a lion right into the jaws of a bear. A man leans his hand on the wall from exhaustion only to have a snake bite his hand. The day of the Lord will be darkness with no chance of light for the unsaved. (Amos 5:19:20)

The hope of those that do believe in Jesus Christ as their savior is that this day will not be dark to them. But the believers of Jesus Christ as the very son of God will extend their hands in thanksgiving and wait for the hope of a new home, which is eternity with God.

Believe or Die Twice

Jesus is the only way to eternal life. In this world, since sin entered through the disobedience of Adam, there are troubles. You may be experiencing poverty, but Jesus assures you that “you are rich (Revelation 2:9)!” These riches are not the earthly riches of money, gold, and silver that will rust, and decay away (Matthew 6:19-20). These are the riches that you will receive after accepting Jesus Christ in your life. We can only imagine what these riches will be, but one of the things that God gives to those that believe in Jesus Christ is eternal life with Him. For me this would be enough to want to follow Jesus Christ.

This richness and reward outweighs the abuse, and the evil that can happen to us in this world. Do not be ignorant! Some of us will be talked about. Some of us will get fired from our jobs. Some of us will even be thrown into jail for Jesus’ sake. However, this does not mean that we are separated from God. We are just not to quit the fight; the fight to keep on following Jesus.

Those that keep on fighting for Jesus Christ will not die the second death or better said, die a second time. Isn’t it enough to die once? I would think so! So why elect for your soul to die twice? This second death is a total separation from the Almighty God. In Revelation 2:11, it says that if we have victory (only through Jesus Christ) we will not be hurt by this second death. How can someone be hurt by a death if there is no more pain, anguish, turmoil, terror, or horror afterwards? How? Because there is pain and anguish at the second death! If no pain, anguish, etc. happened at and after this second death, the person that chooses not to follow Jesus Christ would benefit from this relief.

We all have a “second.” It is your choice whether your “second” is life or death. Let me tell you truly there is horror, terror, pain, and anguish, moaning, and gnashing of teeth waiting for those that choose not to follow Jesus Christ as their savior. There is no rest in hell. Dying twice does not end it all. The second death is the beginning of living eternity in hell. Followers of Jesus Christ get a second life instead of a second death. So for those that rightfully choose to follow Jesus Christ instead of Satan, they will be given “life as their prize of victory (Revelation 2:10)!”


God in all his grace came down to save us. Think of being at the highest and greatest point of your life. Then choosing to leave that position to give your previous high position to someone that is at the lowest point of their life. This person at the lowest point of their life does not even want what you want to give. They curse you out. They mock you. They reject you and rebel against everything you tell them to do. This ungrateful person at this low position is you and me.

We were born into sin. “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me (Psalm 51:5).” We rejected God from the start of our being. No one is holy (1 Samuel 2:2). We have all trespassed against the Lord, despite what He has done for us. What He has done for us is die on the wooden cross so that we could be given life. “And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death– even death on a cross (Philippians 2:8)!”

Jesus Christ is the LORD, and the one who died upon the cross! Who else has died for the sins of the whole world, not leaving out anyone? Nobody! Only Jesus has. When we accept the grace, mercy, and compassion the Lord showed and shows to us, then we can begin to be placed back to our original position of being right with God. It does not make sense to keep on and keep on rejecting the love that God has shown to us.