Ezekiel writes “she [Aholah] doted on her lovers…and her mind was alienated from them” (Ezek. 23:5; Ezek. 23:17). Here, God points out the sin of inordinate love. However, what makes the love of Aholah excessive? To be sure, it is wrong to put one’s whole trust in humankind. However, Aholah lusted after the Assyrians for a reward. In other words, she used humans as a means for her benefit. Inordinate love uses humans instead of purely loving them.

The bitter fact is that the “reward” for using humans in this manner disappoints Aholah.1 The bittersweet fact is that God loves Aholah before she lusted after the Assyrians. However, Aholah’s “whoredoms”2 disappoint God. One might ask, then, what kind of love is ordinate and right? However, before asking this question, it is more useful to ask did God use humans as a means for a reward? Can humans reward God? When God receives love from humans, how does he benefit? When one asks these questions and discovers the answers, then one can begin to understand ordinate and pure love better.

  1. Ezekiel describes Aholah as a whore, who goes from lover to lover madly and frantically, partly because using humans (in any manner) cannot provide eternal happiness.
  2. Ezek. 23:8

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