If we want God to save us, we must believe in Jesus. Jesus is like a lifeguard, who preserves our life. However, let’s say a man is swimming and begins to drown. Because this man is drowning, he wants a lifeguard to save him. So he yells, “Help!” When the lifeguard comes to his rescue, however, he doesn’t believe the lifeguard can help him, so he kicks and punches the lifeguard away. He sadly drowns from his unbelief in the one who came to save him.

Our eternal life, likewise, is totally dependent on our belief in Jesus. The faith we have in Jesus Christ, therefore, matches our salvation. Such faith is what we hear about when Jesus healed two blind men not according to their requests but faith. One day, “two blind men came to Jesus” and said, “have mercy on us” (1). These blind men expressed that they wanted Jesus to heal them, but Jesus asked them a question that revealed their faith in Him. Jesus asked, “Do you believe that I am able to do this” (2)? Why would Jesus ask these men—who already asked for Him to heal them—do they believe that He can do it? One explanation is that a request is different than faith. Faith heals us. It “justifies” us (3). Faith is necessary for salvation.

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(2) Matthew 9:28.
(3) Galatians 2:16.